Gao Shan Forest Tribal Ranch

The Bunun tribe, one of the indigenous ethnic groups in the east coast of Taiwan.

The GaoShan Forest Tribal Ranch, located at the former coastal Bunun village on Taiwan’s east coast, serves as a rich and harmonious cultural hub. 

Here, adventure, culture, and nature converge, allowing visitors to delve deep into the values, forest wisdom, and cultural essence of Taiwan’s indigenous Bunun tribe. 

Founded with the vision of providing sustainable travel opportunities, the ranch also aims to preserve and innovate cultural heritage while supporting the local community.

Cultural Experiences

Learn about the culture, traditions, and values of the Coastal Bunun people.

Adventure Experiences

Take part in rope activities that introduce you to the diverse native trees of the region


Set up camp in the forest facing the Pacific Ocean, immersing yourself in starry nights and tranquil mornings.

Packaged Program

Join themed learning sessions and interactive experiences with fellow travelers, creating lasting memories.


Engage in Academic Exchanges and Visits

We are eager to share our experiences of translating culture into travel and contribute to finding solutions for the challenges faced by Taiwan’s indigenous communities.

The“Forest Fun”series is designed for an easy introduction to forest experiences. It offers light-hearted activities and natural interactions, allowing the vast mountains, seas, and forests of the ranch to accompany you in relaxation. Before the experience, each participant receives a handy Guide Card. It includes pre-activity instructions, equipment details, and play guidelines. Follow the guide and immerse yourself in this forest wonderland!


 Here are the options of the “Forest Fun” series 


Imagine immersing yourself in the tranquil forest setting, hand-carving your own chopsticks from fresh wood shavings. The scent of freshly cut wood fills the air as you experience the joy and healing of hands-on craftsmanship. You can take these handcrafted chopsticks home as a keepsake of this unique experience. In this serene setting, you have a dedicated seat equipped with Wi-Fi, allowing you to read while being serenaded by the soothing sounds of insects and birds. It’s a perfect retreat to unwind and connect with nature. The adventure doesn’t stop there – you can also climb trees like playful monkeys, ascending and descending with the forest as your playground. To top off this enriching experience, don’t miss out on the forest lunch, where the chef uses seasonal ingredients to whip up delightful flavors. This is truly a unique way to connect with the mountain and sea.

The experience series invites you to immerse yourself in the true essence of the forest. Forests are not just about ecological knowledge; they are living, breathing spaces. Prepare for a comfortable encounter with the forest, where the Pacific Ocean provides an uninterrupted backdrop. Enjoy a personalized seat with Wi-Fi access, allowing you to appreciate the real-time ocean view channel. If you wish to take a piece of the forest’s blessings with you, create a blessing necklace using natural materials provided. Pair this with delightful forest snacks—handmade bread and cookies paired with flavorful tea—to replenish your energy. For those who prefer a more self-guided experience, explore the forest at your own pace using our forest interaction kit, with assistance available from our ranch stewards when needed.

These “Forest Fun” experiences offer a unique blend of relaxation, nature, and creativity. Whether you’re looking to unwind or explore, the Gaoshan Forest Tribal Ranch has something special for everyone!

Bunun people are the best hunters amongst all Taiwanese indigenous tribes.  However, there is no word for ‘hunters’ in their vocabularies.  They may use ‘Mama‘ngan tu Bunun’ to describe hunters as ‘men like sharp blades.’

Before entering the woods, a hunter sharpens his knife and ties up the handle cord, to meditate and to show his reverence.  Each young hunter receives a knife from the elders as a gift in the coming-of-age ceremony.  They are asked to polish the blade and knit the handle cord to make it a ready weapon, meaning getting themselves prepared to face the future challenges in nature. 

Sharing represents blessing.  In Bunun‘s tradition, the preys must be shared with the village.  Hunters use a smaller knife to slice the meat, believing that sharing generously will bring more.

MAMANGAN is a small multi-purpose knife, that is designed as an appealing hybrid of the traditional Bunun sharing knife and the modern tactical blade, making it capable of all tasks for outdoors as well as in our daily city life.

This culturally creative product can serve as a thoughtful gift for friends and family or as a special DIY experience for yourself. The finished product can be used in daily life, especially during camping and outdoor activities. The packaging includes an illustrated trilingual manual in Chinese, English, and Japanese, allowing individuals to complete the project independently by following the instructions. This knife, rich in indigenous Taiwanese symbolism, is not only a keepsake but also a practical and meaningful gift that seamlessly integrates into your everyday life. Your purchase also supports Taiwan‘s local indigenous communities in their ongoing efforts to preserve and transmit cultural heritage.

When purchasing the Mamangan DIY knife kits and preparing to board a flight, make sure to stow the knife in your ‘checked luggage.’ Avoid carrying it in your hand luggage to expedite the boarding process.

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